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Street Food in India

Street Food in India is yet another is big industry in itself, So much variety has been created over the years. In the presence of mushrooming of all kinds of Indian and Global fast food joints across Indian metros, highways etc Indian Street Food has yet have huge importance. What is street food really? At one time, street food was generally Chaats, Vada Paus, Pakoras, Pani Pooris and some other things. The difference lies in the incredibly low prices of the dishes, quick service.


Street food today ranges from the original chaat of different variety now fare through Chinese food, South Indian Idlis and Dosas, the Vada-Pau, Moghlai Kababs and Biryanis, sweets like Jalebis, Balushahis, and Gulab Jamuns, all kinds of ice creams and Kulfis, snacks such as Puri and Pau Bhaji or Stuffed Parantha and innovative dishes such as Frankies and Rolls of all shapes and sizes.


Even Tibetan Mommos served with steaming hot soup can be bought from a street food joint. Tea stalls will also dish up a spicy omelette, Pizzas and Sandwiches for you while some believers in tradition will still stick to Samosas, assortment of Pakoras, Bread Pakoras and Bhajias, Chhola Bhaturas and Kulchas. Beverages are no exception. Apart from the aerated drinks, you can have a Lassi, Curd Shake, Lemon, Mint Drinks and Sugarcane Juice and all types of fresh fruit juices.


There are all kinds of tea – lemon tea without milk or sugar, green tea, masala tea, milk-tea and normal tea poured out of a battered aluminum kettle. You can have hot milk served in a conical earthen pot called a kullad. There is also coconut for fresh coconut water, Colourful and Delicious! Ices as the gola sherbets and golas of different flavours.


In the neighbourhood of any Indian city’s commercial areas, street food is aplenty. Mattar Pulao, Fried Rice, Chow Mien, Rajma-Chawal, Aloo Paratha, Puri-Sabzi, Luchi-aloo dum, Moghlai Parathas and thalis lunches from different Indian states can be had at low price.


There are lot of Indians making a living out of the business of Street Food and a lot of Indians are living on it.

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