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There is no dearth of SHOPPING in India of everything to anything. For a Traveller to India there will be no end to buying .All kinds of handicrafts, jewellery, silks, cottons, paintings, metals and much else.


The Indian markets cater to multiple options to the travellers to pick the right thing of right choice.


There are things to buy as souvenirs, gifts for family and friends from a local vendor on foot to any place as big showroom. From the semi precious stone studded garland to a trendy leather shoe, Indian markets are the ultimate destination for the shoppers around the world.


A leisurely walk through the crowded lanes of the Indian metro cities big or less big. Will make you indulge and force your senses to pick up something from the caverns of Ali baba.

City Breaks in India

Before you go for the trip to the different spots of the country, you need to plan the tour. Such trips can be all the more fascinating if some advice is sought before you set out for the various destinations in this country.

Facts and Travel Tips

Begin with our tips for taking the eventual travel thrust. Get all the travel related tips such as: Currency Exchange, Safety and Health Tips, Train Journeys, Language, Shopping, Food and Drink, Religious Fervor and Backwaters.

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INDIA,a country of culture and religion, a country with over a hundred Gods and Goddesses, a country of more than a billion inhabitants, a country with monuments like the Taj Mahal - if you think one country can’t have it all. Travel to India for a hassle free & pleasant trip.