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Indian Dhaba

In India’s length and breadth of highways are eateries commonly known as dhabas. Dhaba or sometimes mentioned dhava. They are known generally to serve North Indian Punjabi Cuisine and also adapt to serve local cuisine.


In India they are normally found next to petrol stations, garages, bus and train stations, better known villages and towns along highways and roadways of business interest etc, are open 24x7 hours a day never mind what season or occasions Nation wide. Since most Indian truck drivers are of Punjabi Descent mostly and has influenced all and sundry so there fore Punjabi food and music is popular throughout country, The word dhaba’s cuisine is spiced and fried punjabi north indian pallette.


Dhabas are village style ethnic mud structures, coir and plastic cots to sit upon named 'chaarpai' while eating and then having a nap. A wooden plank is placed across such cot on which to display and place dishes and later consuming and devourering consummately. At some places there are tables and chairs.


City folks when travelling on holidays or business especially make plans to stop for Dhaba eating. In cities it has become a vogue of recreating Dhaba’s and there ambience.


All over the country there are Dhabas with catchy traditional names of the genre Sher-e-Punjab Dhaba, Lions of Punjab, Pahlwan da Dhaba, Brawan da Dhaba etc.

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